Diversified Plumbing Services started with a vision: mother, daughter, and skilled plumbing professional all coming together to utilize their many years of varied business experiences in different fields—blending their talents in investing, contract management, and the plumbing profession to build a successful business. Kathy Caufield invested in a dream, and with the talents of Chris Cyphers and his counterparts, Diversified has grown into a customer-oriented business where the goal is to exceed customer expectations. 

As we continue to build our team and our company, we do not forget those who have supported us and believed in Diversified’s mission. Our mission is You, the Customer, and we would love to join your team.

We are a reliable working team of qualified professionals whose mission is to provide the finest commercial and residential plumbing installations along with services.  Our services are well-managed and we will exceed the expectations of our customers.  Diversified Plumbing Services understands the importance of relationships built on performance in business with customers, vendors, partners, and employees. 

Diversified Plumbing Services’ goal is to provide all customers with a fair price for services along with outstanding service. 

We want to be the company of choice for you for all your plumbing needs. Call us today.