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I had a little yet BIG problem and Diversified Plumbing Services was the only ones to help me. It was Christmas eve and I had a faint gas line leak coming from the gas meter. The gas company came out, shut the gas off to my house and fixed the leak. However, once the gas was turned back on. My hot water heater would not reignite. I called every plumbing company on the internet and phone book. NO one was answering because it was 2:45 pm on Christmas eve except for Ashley at Diversified Plumbing. I told Ms. Ashley my problem and she contacted her boss which sent two guys right out. The guys from Diversified Plumbing were very quick, respectful and knowledgeable. They are smart and resourceful too. They used my neighbors igniter button to get my hot water heater up and running right before all of my family came over for Christmas. What a nightmare that would of been. Then Diversified ordered the replacement igniter button and called me to schedule a time to install it at my convenience. Now I don't know about you but that is GOOD ole fashion service. Thank You Ashley and all the guys at Diversified Plumbing Services (DPS) for a job well done.

B. Chandler

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